Katowice funny facts


Each year the city of Katowice brings hundreds of thousands of music fans to Katowice’s Saucer (Spodek), the most modern and the biggest event house in Poland. Apart from numerous concerts Katowice offers cyclic meetings, such as: Rawa Blues Festival, Metalmania, Mayday Festival, The New Music Festival and the Silesian Festival of Jazz. Additionally Katowice is the home of the National Symphonic Orchestra and the best Musical Academy in the country.

Among the interesting museums, you should definitely visit the Museum of the World’s Smallest Books by Zygmunt Szkocny. The collections gathered here show the miniature versions of true masterpieces of Polish literature. The exhibition was opened in 1970 in a private house, where the author lived and worked. Here we can find the smallest book in the world – the Latin Alphabet with dimensions 0.8x1 millimeter, which is part of the Guinness World Record book.

We can also relax in Katowice. In the city there are nature reserves, (“Las Murckowski”, “Ochojec”), nature-landscape complexes (“Szopienice-Borki”, “Zrodła Kłodnicy”) and parks, from which the biggest one is the Katowicki Forest Park. The forests of Katowice are 1.7% of all the forests in the region, making Katowice the woodiest city in the Silesian region.

Katowice is sometimes called the city of skyscrapers. The oldest skyscraper in Katowice is the home for the professors of the Silesian Technical Science Working Places, the second is the 1934 skyscraper. Currently the highest skyscraper in Katowice is Altas, which is also the highest Polish building built outside of Warsaw. This city also has the largest number of skyscrapers on 1 square kilometer in Poland.

Katowice is a hometown for many famous people, including Krzysztof Krawczyk – a singer and also Jerzy Kukuczka, a climber, who got on top of the Himalayan Crown.

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