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„In 2019 the International Congress Centre in Katowice will become the worldwide antidoping centre. It’s an incredibly prestige event for Poland, the city of Katowice and the entire sport environment, and also another big step forward in fighting for good sport! Our country is the place for making crucial decisions about setting the global direction of the fight against doping” said minister Witold Bańka right after Katowice received the honor of organizing the Worldwide Antidoping conference from WADA. During the meeting of the Montreal management minister Bańka was also formally chosen for a member of the organization’s Proceeding Committee.

The Worldwide Antidoping conference is organized by WADA. According to the forecast, Katowice will be visited by about 2000 representatives of all the companies taking part in fighting sport doping from all around the world during this event. The plan of the conference includes choosing the new manager of WADA and approving the changes in The Worldwide Anitdoping Code. This event, set in Poland, will be the 5th edition. The previous editions were held in Lozanna, Copenhagen, Madrit and Johannesburg.

„We are about to face a big challenge. I am proud, that Katowice found appreciation in the eyes of WADA and gave us a chance to organize such a prestige event. It is a perfect occasion to show the capital of the 2-million metropolis to the most important persons of worldwide sport and promote the entire region on a global scale” said the president of Katowice Marcin Krupa, who will be representing Poland in Montreal along with minister Witold Bańka.

WADA is the most important organization responsible for fighting with sport doping. Its goal is to set the standards for fighting with the use of forbidden substances and sport methods, as well as monitoring them. The flagship Project of the agency is the Worldwide Antidoping Code and some less important documents – the international standards, which together have a positive impact on harmonizing the action done to fight with doping. Minister Bańka also said: „The Katowice conference will take place before The Summer Opympic Games in Tokyo. The decisions made during this event will have a direct impact for the sport and the most important event of the next four years.

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